Foton T5 Electric Truck Range Announces Impressive Battery Warranty

Foton T5 Electric Truck Range Announces Impressive Battery Warranty

Are you ready to embrace the future of electric trucks with Foton’s T5 EV range?

FOTON Mobility Distribution is making waves in the electric truck industry by offering a groundbreaking battery warranty for its T5 range. In addition to a five-year/200,000km vehicle warranty, Foton will provide an eight-year/300,000km power battery warranty. This move is set to bring peace of mind to Australian customers and solidify Foton’s position as a leader in the alternate fuels space.

FOTON Mobility Distribution is shaking up the electric truck industry with its latest announcement. The company has unveiled an impressive battery warranty for its T5 electric truck range that is sure to grab the attention of Australian customers. In addition to Foton’s existing five-year/200,000km vehicle warranty, they will now offer an eight-year/300,000km power battery warranty. This comprehensive warranty package is designed to bring peace of mind to customers who are considering investing in Foton’s electric trucks.

Foton emphasizes the importance of following the owner’s handbook service schedule to be eligible for the power battery warranty. This requirement ensures that the vehicles are properly serviced, maintaining their performance and longevity. By adhering to these servicing guidelines, Foton owners can rest assured that their trucks will be covered by the extended warranty.

Bill Gillespie, Foton Mobility Distribution’s light duty vehicle general manager, expresses his pride in the T5 EV’s success in the all-electric light truck market. With Foton’s global dominance in the alternate fuels space, producing over 22,000 units last year alone, the company can confidently offer this extended power battery warranty. Gillespie highlights that this offering surpasses any similar support available in the EV market in Australia. Foton owners can invest in high-quality and affordable technology, backed by a nationwide dealer network and 24/7 roadside assistance.

The standout feature of the Foton T5 EV is its impressive towing capacity of 3500kg. This capability sets it apart from its competitors and allows for seamless integration into various fleet applications. Additionally, Foton has introduced the T5 EV Tipper, which offers even more flexibility. With a rated GVM of 4500kg for car licence operation or 6000kg for light rigid licenced drivers, this model can handle towing up to 3500kg.

One of the major advantages of choosing the T5 EV over diesel-powered rivals is the potential for cost savings. Foton estimates that the T5 EV can reduce upfront and operation expenditure costs by around 20%. This significant difference makes investing in the T5 EV a financially sensible choice for businesses.

The T5 EV also boasts impressive charging capabilities. With DC fast charging, the model can be fully energized in just 1.5 hours, while AC charge times are listed at 7.2 hours when using an 11kW charger. This allows for quick turnaround times, including overnight charging, ensuring minimal downtime for Foton owners.

Safety features are a top priority for Foton, and the T5 EV is no exception. The model is equipped with a low-speed pedestrian warning system, comprehensive electronic braking and stability support, dual SRS airbags, as well as a reversing radar and buzzer. These features contribute to a safer driving experience for both the driver and pedestrians.

In the Australian electric truck market, Foton’s T5 range will face competition from other brands such as JAC Auto, Sinotruck, EV Automotive, HDrive, and Hyundai. However, with its extended power battery warranty, impressive towing capacity, cost savings, and comprehensive safety features, the T5 EV is well-positioned to make its mark in the industry.

  • Foton’s T5 electric truck range now includes an impressive eight-year/300,000km power battery warranty
  • The new warranty complements the existing five-year/200,000km vehicle warranty
  • Servicing must be completed according to the owner’s handbook service schedule to benefit from the battery warranty
  • Foton dominates the alternate fuels market globally and brings this expertise to its extended warranty offering in Australia
  • The T5 EV stands out with its 3500kg towing capacity and adaptability for fleet applications
  • The T5 EV Tipper offers even more flexibility with different licence options and towing capacity
  • The T5 EV offers cost savings of up to 20% compared to diesel-powered rivals
  • Fast charging options allow for quick energizing of the model
  • The T5 EV is equipped with safety features and a range of 180km
  • Foton’s T5 range is set to compete with other electric truck brands in Australia

FOTON Mobility Distribution is taking a bold step in the electric truck industry with its new battery warranty for the T5 range. This extended warranty, combined with the existing vehicle warranty, offers customers peace of mind when investing in Foton’s electric trucks. The T5 EV stands out with its impressive towing capacity, adaptability for fleet applications, and cost-saving benefits. Additionally, the model’s fast charging capabilities, safety features, and comprehensive warranty make it an attractive option for businesses across Australia. Foton’s T5 range is set to make waves and compete with other electric truck brands in the Australian market.