MG Motors Slashes Prices on Core Models to Clear Stock

MG Motors Slashes Prices on Core Models to Clear Stock

Looking for a great deal on a new car? Who can resist MG Motor’s latest price cuts?

MG MOTOR Australia has announced substantial price cuts on several core models, aimed at selling off older MY22 and MY23 stock. With discounts ranging from $1000 to $6000 (!), this move comes shortly after MG decided to shift their entire EV range to national drive-away pricing. Read on to discover the new prices and how this benefits Australian buyers.

MG MOTOR Australia is shaking things up by slashing prices on their core models in order to sell older stock from MY22 and MY23. They are not holding back on the discounts, offering savings of between $1000 and a whopping $6000 (!) on popular models such as MG3, ZST, HS, and HS Plus EV.

The new pricing structure means that the MG3 models can now be purchased from $18,990 drive-away, providing a more affordable option for customers. Likewise, the ZS range is available from $22,990 drive-away, catering to those looking for a compact SUV.

The HS range starts at $29,990 drive-away, offering a stylish and spacious option for buyers. And for those interested in EV models, the HS Plus EV range is now priced from $43,690 drive-away, including metallic paint.

According to Peter Ciao, CEO of MG Motor Australia, these discounts are designed to assist Australian buyers who are facing financial pressures. By reducing the nationwide drive-away pricing, MG is ensuring that everyone has access to affordable vehicles without any hidden costs.

Ciao also emphasized the brand’s Precise Price Servicing program, which locks in servicing costs for the first seven years of ownership when serviced through an authorized MG Motor dealership. This added benefit provides transparency and peace of mind for customers when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

It’s clear that MG Motor Australia is committed to putting customers first and making their vehicles more accessible. By offering significant discounts and transparent pricing, they are addressing the needs of customers who are increasingly mindful of their finances.

  • MG Motors reduces prices on MG3, ZST, HS, and HS Plus EV models
  • Discounts range from $1000 to $6000
  • MG3 now starts at $18,990 drive-away
  • HS Plus EV offered from $43,690 drive-away
  • MG Motor’s CEO highlights the value of the discounts for customers
  • MG’s Precise Price Servicing program locks in servicing costs for seven years
  • New drive-away pricing offer is effective from April 1

MG Motors’ decision to reduce prices on their core models is a strategic move to clear out older stock and provide more affordable options for Australian buyers. With discounts ranging from $1000 to $6000, customers can now purchase MG3, ZST, HS, and HS Plus EV models at lower prices. Additionally, the Precise Price Servicing program ensures that servicing costs are locked in for seven years, further adding value for customers. This announcement is timely and demonstrates MG’s commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability.