Continental Launches Revolutionary EV-Specific Tyre Range in Australia

Continental Launches Revolutionary EV-Specific Tyre Range in Australia

Looking for the perfect tyres for your electric vehicle? Why settle for anything less than Continental’s game-changing eContact range?

Continental has introduced its new eContact tyre range in Australia, catering specifically to the needs of electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The range is designed to handle the weight and torque of EVs, and features innovative technologies for puncture protection, noise reduction, and improved on-road safety.

Continental’s new eContact tyre range has rolled onto the Australian market, offering a cutting-edge solution for EV drivers. The German manufacturer has formulated these tyres specifically to handle the unique demands of electric vehicles, including their increased weight and instantaneous torque delivery. With this new range, Continental aims to set a new standard for EV-dedicated tyres.

One standout feature of the eContact range is Continental’s ContiSeal technology, which provides puncture protection for EV drivers. This innovative technology includes a sticky, viscous layer capable of sealing 80 percent of punctures up to 5mm in diameter. It’s great news for EV owners who have had to forego the reassurance of a spare tyre.

Continental has also addressed the issue of road and tyre noise, which is often more noticeable in quieter electric vehicles. The eContact range features ContiSilent technology, which combines a polyether-based foam insert within the tyre carcass. This foam acts as a noise absorber, creating a more comfortable ride. The tyres also have a noise-breaking tread design, reducing the sound waves generated by the tyre and further minimizing road noise.

In terms of on-road safety, the eContact tyres have been engineered for optimal performance. The blade edge pattern and asymmetric sipe geometry guarantee enhanced wet-handling and braking capabilities, providing EV drivers with added confidence on the road.

Continental has also prioritized energy efficiency in the eContact range. These tyres offer low rolling resistance, meeting the expectations of EV buyers. The tyre’s construction includes a refined polymer network, which minimizes tread deformation during heavy acceleration, braking, and cornering maneuvers.

‘We are proud to offer a safe and reliable tyre to EV consumers in the form of eContact. Providing drivers with the best driving experience has always been our main priority, and this new tyre reflects our continued investment into new, trailblazing offerings,’ said Mitchell Golledge, Managing Director of Continental Tyres Australia.

The eContact range is available in various sizes, catering to a wide range of EV models in the Australian market. This includes popular brands such as Hyundai, MG, Polestar, Tesla, and Volkswagen. EV drivers can now enjoy the benefits of Continental’s advanced tyre technologies, specifically designed to enhance their driving experience.

  • Continental’s eContact tyres are formulated for EVs and set a new standard in the industry.
  • The range includes ContiSeal technology for puncture protection.
  • ContiSilent technology reduces road and tyre noise.
  • The tyre’s blade edge pattern and asymmetric sipe geometry enhance wet-handling and braking performance.
  • Low rolling resistance and a refined polymer network ensure optimal performance during acceleration, braking, and cornering.
  • The sizing options are suitable for a wide range of EV models in Australia.

Continental’s new eContact tyre range brings a revolution to the EV market in Australia. With its unique features like ContiSeal technology for puncture protection and ContiSilent technology for noise reduction, these tyres provide EV drivers with improved safety and comfort. The enhanced wet-handling and braking performance, low rolling resistance, and refined polymer network further contribute to a superior driving experience. Continental’s commitment to innovation is evident in this groundbreaking tyre range, which is available for a wide range of popular EV models in Australia.