Chery's Customer-Focused Approach in the Competitive Aussie Market

Chery’s Customer-Focused Approach in the Competitive Aussie Market

Will Chery rise above the competition and offer an even longer warranty plan, setting a new benchmark in the market?

Chery Motor Australia is determined to prioritize its customers and dealers, showcasing its commitment through actions rather than rapid expansion. With a dozen new Chinese brands entering the market, Chery aims to stay ahead of the competition and provide excellent care and communication to its customers.

Lucas Harris, the chief operating officer of Chery Motor Australia, emphasized the importance of keeping customers at the forefront of the business’s goals in the increasingly competitive Australian market. The company aims for solid growth by providing excellent service and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

With several new Chinese brands expected to enter the market, Chery is aware of the competition and is focused on staying ahead. Harris highlighted the significance of ongoing care and communication, considering the wide range of options available to customers.

Harris compared buying a Chery vehicle to purchasing a $500 cell phone. A breakdown in the latter case is not a big deal, but when it comes to cars, it involves a significant amount of money. Hence, Chery is determined to provide reliable support to their customers, differentiating themselves from the competition.

To ensure customers’ peace of mind, Chery plans to invest significantly in their operations and customer support. They aim to provide prompt assistance to dealers and customers, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the ownership journey.

With 70 showroom locations and service spots across Australia, Chery boasts a strong dealership presence. Harris described their coverage as extensive, catering to metro, provincial, and major rural towns nationwide.

While Chery continues to expand its network for future growth, they are equally focused on looking after existing dealers. The company aims to help dealers operate their franchises efficiently, ultimately leading to more sustainable businesses and better support for customers.

Harris acknowledged the interest from potential dealers but emphasized the current focus on their existing network. Chery believes their current dealer presence is sufficient to serve their customers effectively.

One potential area for Chery to excel is by extending their warranty plan. While the current seven-year/unlimited-kilometre ownership cover is competitive, Harris hinted at the possibility of considering a longer warranty if it becomes the new benchmark in the market.

Chery recently introduced the Tiggo 8 Pro Max, its largest model in Australia, expanding its vehicle lineup. The Tiggo 8 Pro Max joins the Tiggo 7 Pro and Omoda 5 coupe-style model in Chery’s offerings.

  • Chery aims to prioritize customers in the competitive Australian market
  • Ongoing care and communication are crucial as customers have numerous options
  • Chery focuses on providing support to customers and dealers
  • The brand has a strong dealership presence with 70 showroom locations nationwide
  • Chery is committed to helping existing dealers operate their franchises successfully
  • The current seven-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty is competitive in the market

Chery’s customer-focused approach and commitment to providing excellent support and service set them apart in the competitive Australian market. With a strong dealership presence and a focus on existing dealers, Chery aims to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for its customers. The possibility of extending their warranty plan demonstrates Chery’s willingness to adapt and meet market demands. As they continue to grow, Chery remains dedicated to prioritizing their customers’ needs.