BMW Unveils New Hybrid M V8 with Performative Painting Livery for Le Mans Return

BMW Unveils New Hybrid M V8 with Performative Painting Livery for Le Mans Return

Can art and racing coexist? BMW proves they can with their innovative art car tradition.

BMW is making a comeback to the legendary Mulsanne Straight at the 24 Hours of Le Mans next month with its latest Hybrid M V8. The car features a stunning livery by New York artist Julie Mehretu, paying homage to BMW’s art car tradition that dates back almost 50 years. This bold move demonstrates BMW’s commitment to blending mobility, design, technology, and motorsports.

BMW has a long-standing tradition of blending art and racing through its art car liveries. Since the debut of the 3.0 CSL in 1975, BMW has unveiled numerous art cars, including the iconic Andy Warhol-painted M1 in 1979.

Oliver Zipse, the chairman of BMW, believes that art cars are an important part of the company’s cultural commitment. The collaboration with artists who share a passion for mobility, design, technology, and motorsports has produced extraordinary creations.

The latest addition to the BMW Art Cars series is the M Hybrid V8, featuring a livery by renowned artist Julie Mehretu. Mehretu’s work focuses on themes of space, movement, and energy, making it a perfect match for the fast-paced world of Le Mans.

Transforming a two-dimensional artwork into a three-dimensional masterpiece required innovative techniques. 3D mapping allowed Mehretu’s painting to seamlessly blend with the contours of the M Hybrid V8, creating a visually stunning result. Foiling was used to ensure the art car could withstand the demands of racing at Le Mans.

Mehretu describes her creation as a performative painting, meant to be admired on the racetrack rather than in a traditional art gallery. She collaborated closely with motorsport and engineering teams to ensure that the car embodies the spirit of racing. The BMW Art Car is only truly complete once it has crossed the finish line.

BMW’s return to the top class at Le Mans is a significant milestone. It has been 25 years since BMW claimed a victory in the prestigious endurance race. The BMW M Hybrid V8 will face fierce competition in the Hypercar category, highlighting the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance.

The BMW M Hybrid V8 will be driven by BMW M Motorsport works drivers Sheldon van der Linde, Robin Frijns, and René Rast. With start number 20, they will showcase the fusion of art and racing on the Circuit de la Sarthe on June 15th.

  • BMW to compete in the top class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the M Hybrid V8
  • Renowned artist Julie Mehretu creates a performative painting livery for the car
  • BMW celebrates almost 50 years of art car tradition
  • The return to Le Mans comes 25 years after BMW’s first victory
  • The artwork is seamlessly integrated into the car using 3D mapping and foiling

BMW’s upcoming participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the M Hybrid V8 and its performative painting livery demonstrates the brand’s dedication to both art and motorsports. The collaboration with Julie Mehretu has resulted in a visually striking masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with the contours of the car. BMW’s art cars have become iconic symbols of the brand’s commitment to blending creativity, technology, and performance.