Australia on Track for Record-Breaking Car Sales in 2023

Australia on Track for Record-Breaking Car Sales in 2023

Will Australia continue its upward trend in car sales and embrace the shift towards electric vehicles?

The Australian car market is set to break all-time sales records in 2023, with November already surpassing previous records. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) reports that new vehicle sales have remained consistently strong throughout the year. Toyota has maintained its position as the top-selling brand, followed by Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi. The Ford Ranger took the title for the best-selling vehicle in November, with electric vehicles (EVs) also witnessing significant growth. Let’s delve into the details.

In November, car sales in Australia hit a new milestone with a total of 112,141 units delivered to buyers. This brings the total number of vehicles sold this year to over 1.1 million.

While November saw a surge in car sales, Toyota continued to lead the market as the highest-selling brand, with 21,002 units sold. Following closely behind were Mazda with 8,707 units, Ford with 8,165 units, Hyundai with 6,718 units, and Mitsubishi with 6,268 units.

The Ford Ranger claimed the top spot as the best-selling vehicle in November, outselling the popular Toyota HiLux by 400 units. The Isuzu D-Max secured the third position, with the Tesla Model Y and Toyota LandCruiser Prado following closely behind.

One interesting trend is that nearly all the top 10 vehicle models experienced an increase in year-on-year sales in November. The only exception was the MG HS, which saw a decline of 32.9% in overall sales for the month.

The growing interest in zero- and low-emission vehicles is evident in the steady rise of battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales. This year, sales of BEVs have crossed the 80,000 unit mark for the first time, reflecting a significant increase from last year. BEVs accounted for 7.7% of monthly sales in November and 7.2% of all vehicles sold this year.

Moving onto the state-by-state analysis, all regions experienced an increase in sales compared to November 2022. The Australian Capital Territory saw a 13.0% increase, New South Wales saw a 17.5% increase, Queensland saw a 17.7% increase, South Australia saw a 28.3% increase, Tasmania saw a 13.4% increase, Victoria saw a 16.0% increase, Western Australia saw a 20.8% increase, and the Northern Territory saw a 13.0% increase.

FCAI chief executive Tony Weber expressed his excitement over the record-breaking year, praising the resilience and adaptability of the automotive industry. However, he also anticipates potential challenges in 2024 as cost-of-living pressures may impact the market.

  • Sales in November reach a new high with 112,141 units delivered
  • Toyota maintains its top position as the highest-selling brand
  • Ford Ranger tops the list as the best-selling vehicle in November
  • Battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales continue to rise
  • Sales figures increase across all states and territories

The Australian car market is thriving, with car sales reaching new heights in November. Toyota continues to dominate as the top-selling brand, and the Ford Ranger takes the crown as the best-selling vehicle. The rise in battery electric vehicle sales highlights the growing interest in environmentally friendly options. Sales figures have increased across all states and territories, proving the resilience of the automotive industry. As we look ahead to 2024, challenges may arise, but the Australian car market is undoubtedly in a strong position.